Firm Foundation

We were house hunting in New Jersey. I had taken off work for a few days and met my husband as he was already living in a company owned apartment temporarily until our family could all join him.
We looked at so many houses. It was what they called a “sellers market”. Homes in NJ were going to sell and the owners knew that.


I was appalled at some of the homes we looked at. One that clearly stands out had the entire basement floor covered with “things”. Big things, little things, empty boxes, full boxes, broken things…you get the picture. It was so cluttered that we couldn’t see the foundation. We wanted to see if the foundation was cracked or in relatively good condition. We never did find out.

We finally gave up looking at homes previously owned and decided to look at homes just being built. We were able to sign a contract on a home being built. Originally, this home was under contract by someone else. They had ordered a lot of extras that we would not have been able to afford at the time. They wanted a side entry garage, which in truth I prefer too. They wanted cathedral ceilings in some parts of the house. They had ordered recessed lighting. I loved all the items that the previous people had ordered, but I could only afford the basics. The thing was…the foundation had already been laid and the changes that had been ordered were already a part of the house. I remember the builder adding all of the extra costs to our basic cost and I felt so disheartened because it was way over my means. Our realtor spoke up and told the builder that we wouldn’t have ordered all of the extras and we weren’t willing to pay for them. To my utter amazement…the builder began to cross of costs line by line and turn them into zero’s! We bought that house with it’s firm foundation and so many extras for exactly what we could afford.

I think about my life since I’ve dedicated it to Christ. He not only put me on solid ground and gave me a firm foundation. He’s grown me and blessed me beyond measure. Most of what I truly hold dear in this life I do not deserve at all. He has been immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine.

1 Corinthians 3:11

“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

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