Who do you turn to when you are frustrated?
My eldest grandson was just beginning to form words and sometimes he would get frustrated when I wasn’t understanding what he was trying to say to me.
We had been playing with his toy kitchen and he was pouring water from his sink into the red pots that go with his kitchen. As the red pots would get filled I would then dump them back into his sink so that they wouldn’t overflow. I realize now that he was frustrated with my actions. He took my hand and literally pushed it away. He looked at me with stern eyes and said “Mama”!


At the time, I understood the hand motions but I sure didn’t understand why he was giving me that look and saying “Mama.” He knew who I was and he had a name for me. I was a bit baffled.

He and I usually loved playing together. It would be all laughter and smiles, but on this particular day it was different. He was frustrated that he could not communicate with me or better yet that he was communicating and I just wasn’t getting it!

I found out later that

his “Mama” has taught him that when he found himself frustrated he should call for her instead of just screaming or crying about a situation. He picked up on her advice fast and that was exactly what he was doing. He trusted his “mama” to understand his every need. He trusted that although he didn’t have a whole lot of words at that time, she would be able to understand him (and she usually did).

I have someone like that in my life too.

God has many names in the Bible and one is Beer Lahai Roi. It means He is the God who “sees”.

I know Jesus gets me. I know He understands my frustrations. I know He knows my deepest desires. I know he knows my thoughts before they even form words on my lips. He knows my fears, my hopes, & my dreams. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that you and I will ever go through that Jesus himself has not understood and gone through.

God is Good and able to understand us. He doesn’t have a communication barrier. He has opened up communication with Himself through Jesus. The door has been opened and He desires for us to walk through it daily.

Bring Him your happy times, your frustrating times, your forgetful times, and your emotional times. Bring Him your fears, your dreams, your todays and your tomorrows.

Genesis 16:13

“She (Hagar) gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me, “ for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

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