Praying the Details

I take prayer seriously and faith comes pretty easy to me. I believe God loves me and that he is concerned about the details. I remember once when I was a young teacher a little boy came to my desk and wanted me to pray for his hangnail. Everything in me wanted to scream! I had so much to do…lessons to create, map out, and teach but I can still remember God’s still small voice correcting my thinking that day at my desk. He told me this little boy was right. God wanted involved in ALL parts and details of our lives.


It took us ten years to purchase our first home. We have never regretted being a one-income family while raising our children. It meant owning one car for many years instead of two and it meant renting place after place until we could secure a down payment.

When it came time to begin looking for our first home I prayed very very specifically. I knew I desired a large kitchen. We needed 3 bedrooms and I desired a place to call a toy room. Bill wanted land and a fireplace. I began to pray. God led us to our first home. It was a ranch style brick home, which sat on 2 acres. It had a brick fireplace in a basement type family room. The home had a garage and a detached garage out back. I loved this garage and we painted it barnyard red. It had 3 bedrooms plus a bedroom near the kitchen, which we deemed the playroom. The kitchen eventually became very large as we remodeled it. In fact later when we had to sell this home, it was the kitchen that sold the home.

I had a friend at the time that could not get over the specifics that I had prayed and that God had answered.

I’m not saying we name it and claim it…I’m just saying He cares. God cares about your desires and the details. Take them to Him in prayer and be encouraged.

Nahum 1:7

“The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.

He cares for those who trust in Him.”

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