Small Miracles

We often want the “big”. Lord do a “big work”. “Jesus, take the cancer away. Father allow this young couple to have a child. Help us to purchase this new home. Father bring so and so safely home from over seas.” Let us not forget that one of the biggest miracles of all was in the gift of one of the smallest miracles of all.


God’s one and only Son, Jesus, was birthed here on earth as a gift to us. This little bundle was our Savior, our King, and our redeemer all wrapped into one tiny little package. He would be born to poor parents, learn a trade, be educated in the synagogue, teach others in the synagogue, travel with his parents, become a sibling, and never ever ever sin. All of this and more would come from this one little life.

I have some little lives that I just adore.

I’m enjoying my grandchildren these days. They came in tiny packages too. Infact, they are still pretty “tiny”. I love to see the world through their eyes. The first time they saw a bird and the way the way they studied it. The first time they felt the wind blow and it literally took their breath away. They kicked their little legs as they tried to catch their breath again. The first time they saw a fish. They would stare speechless as their little mind tried to take it all in.

Lord open our eyes today to the small miracles all around us.

The breath of life.

The hug of a friend.

The smile of a complete stranger.

And of a Heavenly Father who whispers a small “I love you” if we will just tune into His still small voice.

1 Kings 19:12b

“and after the fire came a gentle whisper”

Tune into His whisper today

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