Speaking in Code

I love my daughter. For years now she and I have been able to finish each others sentences. We can start saying something and the other is already on it because we totally get it. We know ahead of time what each of us were going to say or do or need.
This totally baffles my husband.

He has witnessed this for about 2 decades now. She begins a sentence…doesn’t finish it…and I’m already agreeing with her and adding to her idea. I begin to ask something…barely get a word out…I gesture something with my hand…and my daughter has it all figured out or done.

“How do you two do that?” That is my husband’s question. He’s astounded.

We are close, she and I.

We “speak the same language” if you will.

That’s how close our Heavenly Father wants us to be with Him too. After all, He has not only sent His one an only Son into this world as our Redeeming Savior, but He has also given us His Holy Spirit to live within us.

You can’t get much closer than that! He lives within me.

The Holy Spirit of God.

He can teach me, cause me to be sensitive to a situation or put me on alert. He can warn me when I’m drifting away from My Father’s Will.

He desires, and I desire too, to be so close and so intimate that His look will send me into action. His whisper will be enough to put me into action on His behalf and I will desire with my whole heart to love Him more, to know Him more, and to Glorify Him in all things.

He doesn’t need me. He’s chosen me.

I need Him. I’ve chosen Him.

As I daily choose to walk hand in hand with Him, I’m learning to anticipate what our next step is together and He doesn’t have to spell it all out. I’m starting to get it. His Spirit within me allows us to “speak the same language”.

Psalm 119:30

“I have chosen the way of faithfulness,

I have set my heart on your laws.”

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