Using Our Tools

Let’s see, I’ve used butter knives as screwdrivers.
I’ve used the heel of my shoe as a hammer.
I’ve even used a steak knife as a saw.
I’m not big on using the “right” tool.


The other day I sat down for my quiet time with the Lord.

I had just prayed,

“Lord help me to know you more,

to love you more, and to hear you today” .

I picked up my Bible and realized that my reading glasses were not in their usual place. No matter how much I tried, I could not see the words on the page.

God did however speak to me that morning. He reminded me that He has given me tools to use to grow closer to Him, to bless others, and to grow in my walk with Him.

He has given me His Word (and yes, I need to read it with my glasses on). He has also given me the church body, brothers and sisters in Christ, to edify and exhort, to learn from and teach.

He has given me the tool of prayer and the tool of fasting.

He has given me His Spirit, which actually lives within me to teach and lead and guide.

God has made a way.

I just need to make sure I reach out and use the tools He has indeed given me.

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