Angel’s Unaware

We were a one-car family for about 6 years when our children were very little. At one point someone decided to give us an old VW green bus. It was old and rusty and had little heat, but it was a vehicle and I for one was thankful to have it. I could now shop and get groceries as needed without having to wait for my husband to arrive home with the car.


On one such trip to the grocery store I had just finished shopping and had all my groceries in bags in the back of the van. I strapped my two sons into their car seats. I strapped my daughter into her booster seat. Everyone was safely belted in and we headed for home. We didn’t get very far. At a very busy intersection and about ¼ mile from the grocery store I was making a left turn and the side door of this big green rusty van decided to fall off. It landed smack in the middle of the intersection!

The first thing I remember seeing were the faces of my children. They were snuggly buckled in and their heads were all turned with eyes wide open at this big gap that was once a large door.

The door lay in the middle of the intersection blocking all kinds of traffic. A huge part of me wanted to drive away and never look back because I was so very embarrassed. Another part of me knew that I somehow needed to retrieve that door because I would never be able to find one like it to replace it. I quickly pulled into a Payless Shoe parking lot to decide what to do. An old man pulled up next to me and said he saw what happened and he could help me. He had bungee cords in his car and he could go and get the door and bungee it to my van. His plan sounded as good as anything and it let me not be the one to have to walk into the intersection to get the door, so I was fine with this!

He went and carried the door from the intersection up the hill to where I was parked. This man was not a young man. He then placed the door just inside the van. I couldn’t drive the van, but at least it was all together for someone to fix.

I called my sister to please come and get my children, groceries, and myself and take us home. She had a two seater car at the time, but we managed.

Before I made that phone call and after the old man tied the door to my van I turned to thank him and he was gone. He was nowhere to be seen. His car was gone and he was gone. The more I thought about it I became convinced that God had sent me an angel to help me. That door was large and heavy. How could an old man not only walk up that hill but carry a van door too? No one will ever convince me otherwise. God saw my need and sent me an angel.

Psalm 91:11

“For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways”

After this incident, we decided to sell the van and it’s broken door.

Who in the world would want a van and in this condition?

Remember Cheech and Chong?

A guy who sure looked like them and talked like them fell in love with our broken and rusty van with a door missing and bought it!

He said he’d be taking it to California. I hope he made it!

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