Led or Pulled

I often say the word “walk” around Sophie (my Bernice Mt. Dog)  and her ears perk up, her tail wags, and she runs for the door. She understands “walk”.

I place the leash into place, grab an empty bag or two and head out to walk my dog.

Now, Sophie is a big dog.   A very big dog.

She usually walks three to four feet ahead of me. I usually don’t mind, but a few years ago I was “walking her” at a park. I didn’t have on the right shoes for this walk which went down dirt paths and around trees. I was wearing a summery flip-flop.

And that’s when it happened.

Sophie spotted a squirrel. Sophie pulled and pulled and it didn’t take much pull to force me to run wildly hanging onto her leash. I look back at that day and wonder how on earth I didn’t land flat on my face. I honestly don’t remember if I let go of her leash or if I just kept screaming “no Sophie”. I am thankful I didn’t get hurt.

Her pull is strong and when she is determined, it’s even stronger.


The Bible tells us that the flesh pulls. It pulls stronger and stronger if you let it.

The Spirit leads. The Holy Spirit is gentle.

I’d much rather be led in God’s ways rather than pulled into the ways of my flesh.

How about you?


Romans 8:14

“because those who are led by the Spirit of God

are Sons of God”

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