My Daddy

I find myself desiring my grandchildren to know my dad even though he past away 9 years ago. I’ve told my grandsons that my dad was a drummer. The other night I also told them that he served in the Marines. We played and did drills just like my dad once taught me. “Attention”…”At Ease”…”About Face”…”Forward March”. We had a great time marching around their home. I’ve told them that my dad would love them so very much. They understand that my dad is now in heaven with Jesus.

I often tell them stories from my childhood that include my dad. I want my grandchildren to somehow know my dad or at least to know things about my dad. He is after all their great grandfather. I want to pass him onto my grandchildren.

Jesus does the same thing. He wants us to know His Father, Our Heavenly Father. In God’s Word we see glimpses of the heart of God and who He is.

Throughout the old and new testaments we see God in action in the lives of many. He is now and will be forever God.

I remember my dad telling me of his dad. My grandfather died when my dad was just 17 years old so I never met him. There are two specific stories that I remember. The first is that he always had candy in his pocket. He loved children and was always ready with candy.

The second story is more serious. It was the depression and my Uncle was a baby in need of formula. Money was scarce and my grandfather went to the pharmacy and pleaded for formula. When he was told “no”, he pulled a gun and said he wanted the formula and he wanted it now. He got the formula to keep his son alive. When he was able he paid the pharmacist back. This story speaks to me about the lengths my grandfather went to spare his son’s life.

God himself went to great lengths to spare our lives. It cost him his only son’s life.

There is no greater love or sacrifice.

John 15:15

“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.”

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