There are some days that are marked in your brain forever. I will never forget waking up in the middle of the night to the phone call from my sister. She told me that my dad had suffered a stroke and it didn’t look good.

I was in the middle of taking an antibiotic and fighting off strep throat, but I got up immediately and started packing a suitcase to make the 6-hour trip to see him.

When I arrived with my family at the hospital, my mom and sisters were already there. They were standing near his bedside, holding his hands, and whispering words of love to him.

I too, took my place and held his hand, gave him a kiss on his cheek and told him how much I loved him. I told him what an amazing dad he had been to me and what an amazing grandfather he had been to my children. I also told him to cling to Jesus.

There are so many instances where people breathe their last breath in the midst of their loved ones. They move into eternity peacefully with words of love and affirmation all around them.

Jesus did not have that. In his most horrific hour, He had no one.

He was completely alone and separated from the one He loved and the one who loved Him. He chose to die in this manner. He had to die in this manner in order for our sins to be taken away.

Jesus cried out “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?”

He was completely separated from His Father. Our Holy and majestic God could not look upon Him because Jesus was indeed taking on every sin that man would ever commit at that time. He took on the sin. He endured the separation from God. He went to hell in our place.

When my time comes to move on into eternity, I do hope that I can have all the ones I love close by, holding my hands, praying for me, worshipping our great and glorious God, and comforting me.

Let us never ever forget all that Jesus did because He loved us so.



Matthew 27:45-46


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