Still Small Voice

I will spend my lifetime distinguishing the voice of God. The Bible says He is a still small voice and I so desire to hear Him and know confidently that I really did hear Him whisper to me.

We were at our ladies retreat and it was time for the “after glow”. I was put in charge of this for the first time. It’s not a role many desire mostly because it truly requires hearing from the Lord and following His lead. I was both excited and nervous to lead this time. I know God can speak and that He indeed does speak. It’s me that can get it wrong. Was that Him? Was that me? How can I tell?

As the women worshipped and things were shared I just kept hearing the same message over and over again. God was showing me and telling me in different ways, but He was saying to tell them how very much He loves them.

Holding their hands, embracing them in a hug, He can do it all.

We need to be still and let Him.

We need to be still and linger before Him.

I prayed fervently that night and I listened as closely as I could and that’s the message, the only message I received. I honestly walked away not fully knowing if I had truly heard Him or not. He knew I tried. I honestly tried. I was walking in obedience, but did I get it right?

I did! It was the next morning when the speaker addressed us with her teaching. It was all about Love, His love, His unfathomable, amazing love!

I was flying high! I heard! I heard the God of the universe whisper in my ear!

Oh, the joy! May we have ears to hear!

1 Kings 19:12

“and after the earthquake a fire; but Jehovah was not in the fire; and after the fire

a still small voice.”

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