To Know


I find that the older I get, the more important it becomes to me to somehow introduce my grandchildren to those that I have loved that have passed on.

I desire them to know that my dad absolutely loved little kids. He would smile and his eyes would light up and yes, he liked to tease to get a reaction. He often took neighborhood kids fishing and seemed to always have a popsicle ready when a little one crossed the street to visit “Joe”.

I desire them to know for some reason that he was a good drummer and that he traveled at a young age playing in his brothers band.

I desire them to somehow know my grandmothers. My nana was an amazing hostess, always having people in her home. She could bake an apple pie like no other. She was the oldest of 8 children and raised her siblings as she freed them one by one from the orphanage that they were in.

I desire them to know my grandma. I loved sitting on her porch swing during a summer rain. We’d drink lemonade and I always felt at total peace in her home. She instilled in me the love to draw and to paint.

My grandchildren will one day meet these three very important people in my life, but until then I want them to “know”.

Jesus feels the same way. He desires us to know His Father and all that He has been taught. We will meet the Father one day face to face, but until then we rely on God’s Holy Spirit to show us His ways.

“I no longer call you servants because a servant doesn’t know his masters business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything I learned from My Father, I have made known to you.”

John 15:15



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