Snow Days & Rest


Some people love snow and others hate it, but who doesn’t love a snow day?  (Perhaps the people that have to shovel the snow?) But, as a former teacher I know that  Children up and down the east coast last night waited eagerly to hear that their school was cancelled for today.

A day to stay home from school…a day to stay home from work (provided you don’t still have to work due to our technology today).

Snow days to me always meant a nice breakfast…pancakes, eggs, and bacon. A leisurely breakfast.

They always meant a pajama day for some reason in my mind.

Cozy up by the fire, read a book, play a game kind of day.

Today the snow has been coming down all day and in my mind it is absolutely beautiful.

God created this planet that we live on. He created the animals, the trees, and the people. You know the story of creation. Did you know that He also created REST?  He didn’t need to rest. He wasn’t tired from all of His creating. He created rest.

Rest is a mindset. We live in a fast paced part of the world. People are always busy and doing. Technology is great, but it also means that we can be reached 24/7 and on call at all times.

Think of God’s creation. The trees have their time that they lie dormant. They rest.

The farmer is told to give his land rest every so many years.

The Israelites were told to rest. These are the very same Israelites that were former slaves in Egypt. They had never before been told to stop, cease, pause, or rest. God had to not only take them out of Egypt, but He had to take the Egypt out of them.

I can’t imagine a life in which I am not allowed to stop, pause, or rest.

When they were in the desert, God provided food called manna for them each and every day. They would go out to gather their portion for that day. They were told on the sixth day to gather, but on the seventh day to rest. The Bible tells us that some still went out on the seventh day to gather and there was nothing to gather. The people who gathered too much from the day before or saved leftovers were also disappointed because their manna spoiled.

I have been learning to rest more in Jesus. I love to sit quietly and read His Word and let it soak through me. I love to walk and look up and worship Him, my creator.

I can choose to spin my wheels and strive for more and more and more and I have at times.  So many times I’ve felt as if I were on a merry go round and even though I’m going at this fast pace, I’m actually gathering “nothing” and getting “nowhere”. I prefer to follow His example and make sure I find room to relax, to refresh, to recharge.

Genesis 2:2

“By the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on the seventh day He rested from all His work.”

So on this snowy day here in the northeast…I hope you find some rest today

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