Careful Where You Step






When the lights go out an all is dark we tread carefully.

My husband used to tease me and say I was after the insurance policy. I had a habit of rearranging the furniture every time that I cleaned. He would get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water and he’d bump into some new piece of furniture that wasn’t normally in that particular place. I don’t rearrange furniture now as much as I used to and for that I’m sure he is thankful.

I love to play hide and seek with my grandchildren.  They make me laugh because they want to hide WITH me.  Who will do the seeking?  I think those moments when all seems quiet and you can’t see anyone and you are all alone…suddenly you realize you want to be connected.   “Grandma…I want to hide too.   Let me hide with you.”   And so…we tiptoe carefully into a secret hiding spot and giggle for a bit.

I think of having little children when the electricity would go off during a storm. We’d light a candle to help guide us through the house. It’s the same house that we were in every single day. We knew each room by memory and we knew each step in place. But somehow, when walking by candlelight or flashlight through the darkness we would step a little more cautiously and a little more carefully.

When I’m getting a houseful of company you can usually find me in the backyard picking up the many piles of mess that my lovely large dog has created. I’m forever telling my visitors to “be careful where you step”.

How much more should we walk ever so carefully in this world filled with darkness.

We need to allow God to shine His way and path for us and make sure that we are carefully staying on the path He has made for us.

I had the wonderful opportunity of teaching a high school chapel.  I asked a high school boy and his father to participate.  On the stage we had set traps.  They were real traps that could catch a large animal or two.  The father and I blindfolded his son and placed him at one end of the stage.  The father then moved to the other end of the stage and called to his son.  He instructed his son to take 3 steps forward and then to stop.  He would then give the next set of instructions to perhaps take a side step to his left.  The son had to listen and tune into his father’s voice and his father’s voice alone to cross the stage safely.  The traps were real and they were set.  I’m happy to say the boy arrived safely to the other side of the stage.

This world is continually growing darker and darker.  The Bible says it will.  We have an enemy and he is real and he has set traps.   Sometimes traps look scary, sometimes they are disguised and covered up, and sometimes they look enticing.  May we tune into His voice each and every day and take our steps seriously and cautiously.

He is our light in this ever-growing darkness.

“Be very careful then how you live – not as unwise,

but as wise, making the most of every opportunity”

Ephesians 5:15

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