Seasons & Contentment



She amazes me. She’s only 9 months old and I am in awe of her disposition. She is always happy. She wakes up chattering and babbling. She smiles ever so gleefully when one of her parents walks into the room. Her smile reaches from ear to ear if you bounce her. And yesterday…when we adults thought we should wake her up from her nap to go sled riding…she came out smiling!


My daughter and I were visiting my son and his family. They have the perfect yard for sled riding provided that you don’t slam into the fence at the bottom of the hill. We had been outside for about 20 minutes sailing down the hill that I’m sure looked like Mt. Everest to my grandsons now just one and three.   Our three year old said later that he was very nervous at first, but thought it was really fun. His younger brother…well, he hasn’t declared where his thoughts lie just yet.


And that’s when it hit us…we need to wake up the baby! She loves the outdoors. She would just have so much fun and she is missing it!   Inside her mommy went to gently wake her up and then put on all the bunting that is required to play outside in the snow.


I wondered in my mind if this was truly a good idea. I mean I wanted her with us no doubt about that. I just hoped that it didn’t put her in a grumpy or whining mood. I can’t say that I would like to be awakened from my nap with sweet dreams and cozy warmth only to be changed and then slapped into a snowsuit!


BUT…out she came in her mommy’s arms. Her cheeks were rosy and her smile contagious. She had complete trust that indeed this was a grand idea.

She not only cooperated with our plans, but she out and out enjoyed them!

She was not to utter a simple whine of displeasure the entire daylong!


We all have them, seasons of Life.

We have youthful seasons – seasons of rejoicing and smiling.

We have failing seasons, whether it be our physical bodies or our walks of life.

We have seasons of blessings and seasons of sorrows.

We have seasons of reaping and seasons of sowing.

The seasons of life find us all.

Our job is not to look at someone else and the season that they are in and wish that we were in that season too. Our job is to be content in whatever season He places us.

The contentment isn’t that we are content in our season.  The contentment is that He is indeed enough.

I read often of testimonies of people all around the world that are persecuted and abandoned because they now claim Jesus as Lord. I have yet to read of a testimony where Christ was not enough.

He gets us through the trials and storms of life. He alone comforts and gives strength. Our job is to trust. Trust with a childlike faith as my granddaughter trusted her mommy.

Life is glorious and meant to be enjoyed, but we must also remember that this is not our permanent home. We are on a journey here. Christ walks with us, but as He had a season of suffering…so will we. God the Father resurrected Him and He is able to lift us above the season that we may find ourselves in.

Seasons always require adapting and seeking God’s direction.

I loved being a mother of young children. I look back through my journal entries and I see that I often prayed and asked God to help me through “the growing up years”. I knew they were coming and it would require a change. A change in me. A change in the way I approached my day.


A good prayer for each new day, no matter the season of life is …”Help me Lord to glorify you and do credit to your Name.”


Phil. 4:11

“…for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances.”

Phil. 4:13

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength

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