Winds of Change


If you hear the word “change” what does it do to you?

Do you embrace it? Does it make you excited?

Do you run from it? Does it make you cringe?

I usually will embrace it.

I like to decorate and bring about changes in my home.

I add to and take away from my gardens yearly.

One thing that my husband says attracted him to me was my spontaneity.

I can jump from one thing to the next pretty easily.

I’ve had students that embraced that quality in me and yet to others it terrified them. I remember one little boy just crumbling to pieces because I wanted to go to a story in the back of the book for a minute. His problem? Well, we hadn’t read the stories that came first, first.

My oldest grandson does not embrace change with an open heart. His heart wants to, but he’s more comfortable with “the knowing” of how something will go.

This past weekend I had he and his brother for a few days. I decided to buy new sheets for their beds. They love the little children’s show “Paw Patrol”.   Knowing this, I decided to buy these sheets and put them on their beds at my house. (oh, and I rearranged their room at my house too).

As soon as it came time to sleep, the tears started.

“But Grandma…I like the other sheets.”

“And Grandma…my bed goes here”.

The easiest thing for me to do was to first put the room back. And yes, it was easy…after all I’m his grandma.

Second, I put the old sheets back on. When everything seemed to be back to normal, he was able to relax and sleep.

You might think I’m a little loopy for going through all of this for him, but it wasn’t a big deal to me. There are things worth making a big deal out of and this one did not fall into that category to me.

I want my home to be a place of calmness, pleasantness, and safety to my grandchildren.

And that’s when God brought a verse to my mind.

Hebrews 13:8

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”


So, to those of you who need “sameness”…you can rest assured that Our Heavenly Father is who He says He is and always will be.

The God who calmed the seas …can and does do it today.

The God who healed…continues to heal spiritually, physically, & emotionally today.

The God who was merciful…is still merciful.

The God who created…is still creative and desires to create us into all that He intends us to be.

The God who pursued Israel because He loved them so…still does. He is still a God who pursues us because He loves us.

The God who made a covenant …still holds true to His covenant and signed it with the blood of His own Son, Jesus Christ.


Many things in life will change and we all will need to learn to accept change in our lives. But, there is one who will never change because there is nothing to change about Him…He’s perfect.

Rest assured…

He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.





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