It’s Not About Me


Prior to my first grandchild’s birth, person after person would ask me if I would be going to stay with my daughter for her first week home from the hospital.

I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter and in my heart I really wanted to be asked to do just that. I wanted to stay in her home for that first week and help her with her brand new little boy.

When I had my babies not only did my mother come and stay, but my grandmother came too! I wanted this with my whole heart!   My daughter and her husband really wanted to do this on their own. I was welcome to visit at any time, but I really wasn’t going to be needed in the way that I wanted to be needed.

I took this straight to the Lord in prayer. I truly felt Him answer me. It went something like this: “Michelle, this is not about you. You’ve had your children. This is about your daughter and her family.”

I surrendered. I really did. I gave it all to the Lord. He even brought me to a place that I was okay with their decision.

On the day that they left the hospital and went home, I was there. I helped out and rejoiced and then said a prayer and went home. To my shock the next morning my phone rang with an S.O.S. call. “ Please come, please stay, please help.” I scrambled as fast as I could to pack my suitcase. We had a glorious week together. A week I truly did not expect.

But this wasn’t about me…and it was and is never supposed to be. It’s truly about HIM and surrendering all to Him. It’s not about making a name for ourselves. It’s about glorifying His Name and surrendering to His Will.


How many times do we “make it about us”?

WE get offended. Jesus was offended and He is the Son of God. Who am I?!

WE feel rejected. Remember, HE was rejected.

WE feel we’ve been treated unfair.

WE want people to notice our efforts.

WE want the accolades and the praise.


But, in truth…

We are not to live this way.

We are to put self-centeredness aside.

We are meant to surrender…

To live for His Glory and not our own.


This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want us to enjoy this life He has graciously given us.

Not so at all.

We were created to reflect Him and to worship and praise Him.

It’s not about US.

It’s about HIM.


I’m now awaiting the birth of my 4th grandchild.

I have the privilege and pleasure of being invited, along with my mother to stay for the first week and help with all “the little’s”.

I am honored to do so.

I will treasure the days as I try to treasure each and every day God gives me.

He will need to remind me again and again I’m sure that it is not about ME.

I’m okay with that…

I know it in my heart to be true and I want to Honor Him in my Life.


John 12:28

“Father, glorify your name!”


Psalm 34:3

“Glorify the Lord with me;

let us exalt His name together”


Psalm 63:3

“Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you”


Genesis 11:1-9

They wanted to make bricks and build a tower to heaven to make a name for themselves.

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