The Gift of Rain


Have you ever felt that God did something specifically with you in mind?

I’m feeling that way today.

He sent the rain yesterday…for me.

It poured down in buckets.

It didn’t have the feel of “gloomy” as it often does to me.

It felt peaceful and relaxing.

I had a relaxing day and that is exactly what I needed.

I’m not a big TV person and yet, yesterday during the rain…I watched 3 movies!

That’s a record for me.

It felt so very good.

I sat cuddled on the couch with a light blanket and with my dog on her big blanket snuggled next to me.

We both enjoyed some popcorn and downtime.

I didn’t see the rain as a gift from God until today.

Today it is gorgeously sunny and warm.

I’m well rested and filled with energy and enthusiasm.

If the rain had not come yesterday, I’m pretty sure I would have forced myself into some big project.

I’ve never been a procrastinator. If I see a project, I usually tackle it head on even if I’m tired.

The rain was a gift.

It settled me down.

It made me rest.

I am so very thankful for the personal gift God sent my way yesterday.

I’m also thankful for the renewed energy and enthusiasm I feel today.

He knows what we need and sees to it.

There is no one like Him.


Romans 8:26

(Amplified Version)

“In the same way the Spirit comes to us and helps us in our weakness. We do not know what prayer to offer or how to offer it as we should, but the Spirit Himself knows our need and at the right time intercedes on our behalf with sighs and groaning too deep for words.”

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