Bursts of Flavor


Every bite had a burst of flavor.

It’s hard to explain, but flavors just flow and you swear you’ve never tasted anything so good before! You never even knew so many flavors existed!

I’m referring to my son-in-law’s cooking.

It’s not his profession, it’s his hobby.

He loves to cook.

He loves to research and prepare. He can often be found standing in his kitchen very late at night prepping for tomorrow’s menu.

I’m always baffled at how he can enjoy being in the kitchen for so many hours.

In my book…if I can’t make it within 30 minutes…well, I want no part of it.

But, we each have our things that we love and he loves to cook.

He uses only the freshest choices of meats and herbs.  He’s approached fishermen on vacation on where to purchase the freshest of the fresh.  He’s gone to butchers and oh, I don’t know…do what you do at a butchers!

His pasta and breads are homemade, of course.

His home often makes me hungry because on any given day it smells like an exquisite restaurant.

He even goes to great lengths in how he presents each dish that he makes.


I don’t know too many families whose toddlers love mussles and octopus, but his do and I can see why.


He puts a lot of time, effort, and love into making each and every dish.

He’s my “go to” chef for family get-togethers.


I realize that there is a correlation to the TIME that is involved.

He spends many an hour researching, prepping, and preparing and therefore the consumers of his entrees benefit.


When I’m feeling a bit “dried up” spiritually, perhaps it’s because I haven’t been spending serious TIME seeking God and His Word.

I can’t expect to have Godly insight when I’ve not stopped to read His Word and to seriously seek Him.  It takes effort and discipline on my part.

I can’t expect to sail through life’s difficulties with no worries or anxieties when I haven’t been praying and giving them over to Him in the first place.

A relationship, a good relationship, takes TIME.

On my end, I need to be still and be quiet and read His Word.

I need to allow time to see what He desires to say to me.

His Word is Alive and Active.

It’s not dead and neither is He.

When I seriously seek Him with all my heart,

I am filled.

My eyes see more clearly.

My desires become His desires.

Life takes on a new flavor…

Each opportunity bursting with anticipation of what He might be doing and including me in on it too.

I love spending time seeking Him and He loves it too.  He loves like no other.

The more I seek and find, the more I desire to seek Him and find Him.


My son-in-law

Would never dream of picking up a ready made dish and serving it at a family get together.

Neither should I dream of going about my day to day on yesterday’s leftovers. (spiritually speaking)

He is NEW every morning and so much more awaits!


Psalm 34:8

“Taste and See that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”


Proverbs 20:12

“Ears that hear and eyes that see – the Lord has made them both.”

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