All I wanted to do was sleep.

The fact that I’d recently swallowed 2 dramamine most likely played an effect on my state of mind.

The boats steady rocking gently back and forth…made me want to just lull myself to sleep.

But God had other plans.

I met an elderly woman prior to getting onto the ferry that would take us from Martha’s Vineyard to Rhode Island.

She walked with a cane and had hobbled over to sit by me and look at the view.

After boarding the ferry, I noticed she was seated in a booth just behind me.

My eyes took in the book she was reading.

It had the word “faith” in it’s title, but I could tell by a few other words that this “faith” was anything but faith in God.


I felt drowsy and wanted to sleep, deep sleep.

But the Spirit of God in me would rather me strike up a conversation with this woman and so I did. She was pleasant and we chatted. She was very philosophical in thought, but I did what I thought God was directing me to do in the moment.

I obeyed and tried to be used gently by God in another person’s life.


I felt as if God spoke to me and said

“My children are lulling themselves to sleep, while the world around them perishes”.

That woke me up for sure!


While in Martha’s Vineyard we saw some amazing vessels.

There were little dinghy’s, fishing boats, speed boats, sail boats, canoes, kayaks, and yachts to name a few.

Some were in use and beautiful to watch out in the water.

Others were anchored tight into their spot a little out from shore.

They were not in use.

They sat looking ever so beautiful against their backdrop of sea and sky, but they were not being used.

1 Timothy 4:13-15

tells us to be diligent with the gifts that God has given us.


I want to be diligent.

I want to be used by God and I desire His plans for me to become my plans for me.


Psalm 51 speaks of being steadfast in Spirit.

The word steadfast means to abide, to be constant, dedicated.


“Create in me a pure heart and a steadfast Spirit within me”

(Psalm 51:10)


As I pondered this verse I thought about the many vessels I saw at Martha’s Vineyard.

There were those that were constantly in use and dedicated to getting their passengers from one place to another.

There were others that sat and looked pretty, even beautiful, but they were not being used.


I know God intends to use each of us.

We are the vessels He has created.

What are your giftings?

What is He asking you to be dedicated in?


I encourage you to be that willing vessel today!

It doesn’t matter if you are a yacht or a dinghy in your eyes…

As long as you are moving and dedicated, abiding in Him and seeking His direction…He’d love to use you.

You have been made with a purpose in His eyes!


Romans 9:21

“Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for special purposes and some for common use?”


Whatever vessel you find yourself being…

Allow yourself to be used!

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