Press On


I threw it away about 25 years ago.

I hated it and it hated me.

I wasn’t any good at it, and truthfully it wasn’t that important to me.

My husband was only too happy to “fire” me from this task.

What was it that I threw away?

My ironing board!

Yep, I haven’t ironed in 25 years!

What do I do instead?

If it’s my clothing, I may or may not spray it with a wrinkle release.

If it’s my husband’s shirts…off to the dry cleaners they go.

I hated the grueling process of ironing his dress shirts.

The collar, the cuffs, the arms, the delicate places around the buttons…who needs that?!

I hated taking the time to do it and even when I did take the time,

I did a poor job.

Pressing Clothing

Not my thing

Pressing On

Pressing into Jesus and His strength

I find I’m still not good at things, but He doesn’t want me to just throw it all out the door.

He’s still working on me and He will never give up.

Oh, how thankful I am for that!

He will not toss me aside and say “she’s too much work”…”she’s bothersome”.

“I’m tired of dealing with her”

He will forever press on.

He will press on by His Spirit to continue to grow me and shape me more into His image.

He has a lot of work still to accomplish.

I’m terrible at staying within my allotted budget.

I really am.

I’m good for a while and then I just seem to go back to old habits, but He’s not given up and He is working on my heart and on my ways to be alignment with His.

I often have to tell Him I’m sorry…again.

He’s also pressing in on the way I deal with my husband, my partner and best friend.

I can be the kindest and most gentle person, but if he comes at me with a certain tone…I immediately want to be on the defense.

The thing is…we’re on the same team.

Jesus desires to press in on each of us and grow us in communication and day to day disasters that pop up.

They often seem like a disaster, but they really aren’t.

It’s just life and Jesus desires to teach us how to walk through it successfully and in tune with Him.

And so today…


I confess before Him

And He forgives

And He presses on.

He presses in the nooks and crannies of my mind and heart.

He presses on into the bigger issues as well.

The best news in the world is that He loves me

And desires to create in me

His reflection

So that He can shine through me.

He will never toss me aside or into the garbage pile.

He will never say “she doesn’t matter”.

It is the same with you.

He is your creator.

He loves you and you have much value in His eyes.

It doesn’t matter your past or your present.

Confess what you need to confess


Ask Him to fill you with His Spirit.

He can do what we would never ever dream.

Press On Jesus,

Press On!


“Look at the nations and watch

and be amazed.

For I am going to do something in your days

That you would not believe, even if you were told.”


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