He Just Does


I had taken the time to put on my makeup and fix my hair.

I liked the outfit I had chosen on this particular day.

I held my newest grandchild in my arms and without any warning,

he spit up all over me.

It was an “I need to go and change my outfit” kind of a moment.

And yet

Everything in me…loves this little child!

My love didn’t waiver in the least.


Did you ever notice in Scripture that God doesn’t tell us WHY He loves us?

It just says that He does.

We have value in God’s eyes…just because!


I’m praying and trying to make a decision on an opportunity given to me.

It was so freeing the other night when I felt God said:

“If you go…I love you.”


“If you don’t go, I still love you.”


In the Old Testament, the priest would examine the sacrificial lamb for spots or blemishes. He would examine it to see if it was acceptable to offer as a sacrifice.

Notice that he didn’t examine the person who brought the sacrifice.

The person didn’t have to be spotless and perfect.

The sacrifice had to be spotless and perfect.


We really can’t do anything to make ourselves more loveable to God.

It’s not the way we smile that makes him love us.

It’s not the curly brown hair or the manicured nails that make Him love us.

It’s not the job that we hold (or don’t hold) that makes Him love us.

He loves us.

He sent His son as our perfect sacrifice.

That’s Love.


I “googled” the place where this opportunity that I’ve been given is.

I had never heard of this place and wanted to see where it was on the map and what I might be able to learn about it.

I saw the map.

I saw the land.

I saw the waters surrounding the land.

None of it moved me…until I saw a precious face.

It was the face of a woman and to me she represented the others that must live near her as well. My heart took in her face and her smile.

I don’t know her, but God does

And He certainly loves her.

My heart was moved.


He sees her and He loves her.

He sees you and He loves you.

He sees me and He loves me.


Jeremiah 31:3

“I have loved you with an everlasting love.

I have drawn you with loving kindness.”


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