I am a boating novice.

My husband is a boating novice.

We go out maybe once a year!

Yesterday was Labor Day, the official end of summer right?

It was my great idea to rent a pontoon boat on a beautiful lake in NJ.

When we arrived the boating crew asked us if we’d be willing to take a smaller pontoon boat (since there were just 3 of us). It was a nicer boat than originally scheduled and a new boat. We said “yes”.

It was a great day, but we sure had some mishaps!

The water was extra choppy and there were a ton of boats having fun out on the lake yesterday!

I’m thinking if any of them noticed our couple of mishaps, they knew that they knew that they knew we were not experienced boaters!

The first mishap was we didn’t have our weight distributed properly on the boat. We had a heavy heavy cooler sitting as close to the front of this small boat as possible. My son and I were each lounging up front as well.

We had my husband in the middle of the boat driving and no one, but no one in the back of the boat. I was noticing that the boat seemed to be taking on water from the front, but I wasn’t overly concerned because the waves were big and choppy.

Well, my concerned mushroomed into panic a little later on when it took on so much water that the front of the boat went under and the back of the boat and it’s motor were sticking up in the air!

My son had the brains to jump up and shift the weight on the boat.

My husband and I sat dumb founded, just staring at the situation.

As we talked later, we were both deciding how to “jump”!

Oh, sweet memories!   We will be laughing about this one for a long while I’m sure!


The other mishap was when we decided to anchor the boat.

Lots of boaters were zipping by and enjoying the day, while others were anchored relaxing and swimming and enjoying quiet little coves. We decided to set anchor for a bit.

My husband will be so embarrassed that I’m telling you this, but I had to pee!

That was the main reason we decided to anchor!

Yes, I’m a blast on a boat!

We threw the anchor out and I peed (just incase you wondered)!

As we were laughing and talking, my husband noticed that we were indeed drifting. I was positive that we could not be drifting because we threw the anchor in.

The anchor was in, but it obviously was not anchored!

We were adrift and headed straight for a dock and it’s boat!

(I’ll be you wish you were with us yesterday!)


I knew there had to be a lesson in all of this.

I knew that somehow I could turn this into a blog/lesson post.

I was right!

Today I “googled” setting an anchor.

I’ve learned that there are many types of anchors.

Some anchors are for rocky bottoms, sandy bottoms, muddy bottoms, etc.

I’m not sure what kind of anchor we had because I couldn’t find a picture of one that matched.  But, on I researched…

I also learned that an anchor can have a rope, but it needs a chain as well.

The chain adds weight and is needed in setting the anchor.

It is necessary in setting the anchor!

We didn’t have a chain.

The video clip said before setting an anchor we should check the waters for shoals, rocks or other objects in our way.

Nope, didn’t do that one.

The instructions today tell me that the rope should be atleast 7-10 times longer than the depth of water we are in. I’m thinking that was a “no” too.

We were in very choppy waters and therefore would have needed even more line.


I think we’ve all clung to anchors that are not true anchors.

Some cling to their jobs or their bank account.

Others cling and anchor themselves to a spouse or other person.

People are great and jobs are great, but they are not and were never meant to be anchors.

There is One Anchor

He is God Almighty

He is a Rock

He is stable and secure.


I see Jesus as the necessary chain connecting us (the boat adrift) to the One true Anchor.

I learned today (and yesterday too) that anchoring is a necessary boating skill.

A boater needs to know how to properly anchor their boat.

There are wind currents, bad weather, running out of gas situations (which we thought we also might have to deal with yesterday). In order to stay secure and not be pushed around, we need to know how to anchor ourselves correctly.

God’s letter to us, The Bible,

Has everything we need.

He has the directions.

He has the mindset.

He has the “keys” to living this life in a way that we are not adrift.  It does not guarantee that we will not go through rough waters or bad weather, but it does guarantee going through it “anchored” to Him if we are willing to do so.


To truly “set” an anchor, I read that you drop it in slowly and also slowly reverse the boat. As we apply the reverse (and no we didn’t do this either)…the anchor sets.


May you perhaps switch your mode to reverse today,

Hang on to the chain (Jesus Christ)

Who can link you to His Father (Our Anchor)

And set it in whatever waters you find yourself today!

Stay safe and secure in Him!


Hebrews 6:19

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”


Acts 27:29

“Fearing that they would be dashed against the rocks, …they dropped anchors …and prayed for daylight”


Jeremiah 22:29

“Oh land, land, land, hear the Word of the Lord”

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