Why do we do things for others that we won’t follow through on for ourselves?

I love to ride my bike.

It’s something my husband and I both enjoy doing together.

I don’t like busy roads, just local easy neighborhoods.

I like to ride side by side and talk.

I love to scope out new landscaping ideas from homes that I’m riding by.

I confess that I do not wear a helmet. Neither does my husband.


I don’t know. I’m not from the generation that grew up doing so.

They feel uncomfortable. They make you sweat.

I’ve never bothered to buy one.

All of the above can be my excuses.


I don’t let my little grandchildren have this option.

When we arrive at a park and they want to ride on their scooter, I unbuckle their helmet and place it snug on their little head. I make sure it’s on secure and I then tighten the strap and buckle it in place.

Why? I love them.

Those little heads are precious to me in every way possible.

I want them to have fun in the park.

I want them to be free to scooter or bike.

I want them to enjoy the path and the beauty of the park.

I also want them protected.


God feels the same way about us.

He has a helmet for us. It’s His Helmet of Salvation.

He tells us to “take it up” and “put it on”.

It’s really for the same reasons that I make my grandchildren wear their bike helmets.

He wants to protect us.

When we put on this “helmet”, we not only become and belong to Him, but His helmet guards our minds and our thoughts.

Our minds can be a battleground in and of themselves.

I know you know what I’m talking about!

We all have a zillion thoughts throughout the day.

Some good, some not so good.

Some we try to sidetrack our minds from and before we know it, we are back to obsessing over that thought we had earlier.

His Helmet of Salvation is a protector.

It’s life.

It’s purpose.

It’s peace.

It’s joy in the midst of pain.

It’s comfort.


A few years ago, I was riding my bike (without a helmet on) and a couple rode by. They not only had on helmets, but flags on their bikes, neon jackets.

They were highly recognizable and VERY protected.

The woman yelled out, in a not so loving voice…

“You should be wearing a helmet”!

She didn’t make me want a helmet.

If anything, I think I was more determined to keep letting my hair blow in the wind of my bike ride!


It’s our choice.

God won’t insist and He certainly won’t yell in an ugly voice.

He will nudge and lovingly tell us to put on His helmet,

His thoughts, His ways…

He knows the roads can be dangerous and perilous at times.

He desires to protect us.

Because He loves us so!


Ephesians 6:17

“Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God”


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