I’ve had one of those weeks where I had to “drop everything” and go.

It was a beautiful week.

If I had not been willing to “drop everything” and go, I would have missed out on some really precious blessings.

I had precious time with each of my grandchildren.

I had beautiful talks with my two daughters.

God made it beautiful.


I think of the storms and hurricanes we’ve witnessed lately.

My brother in law lives in Florida.

He kept sending pictures of the trees in his backyard during one of the storms.

Some were snapped in half during the storm and high winds.  It was a sad sight to see.

They had grown so strong and straight that they couldn’t bend with the winds of change.

I noticed that he had one little tree that was toppled over.   I think it was a lemon tree.

When the storms were over he was able to replant that tree.  He was able to secure it’s roots once again into the rich soil.

It had not snapped in half during the storms.

It was uprooted, but only for a short time.  It was not a permanent state for this tree.

By the grace of God, it will stand and grow and bear much fruit.


What does your day hold today?

We might have a plan and think we know the way our day will go, but may we remain flexible it His presence and bear fruit along the way.  May we be flexible enough to allow God to replant us where He desires.


Have a blessed day!


Isaiah 55:9

“As the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are my ways higher than your ways

and my thoughts than your thoughts.”


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