Why is it we long for what we can’t have.

There is a comedy show tonight. I just found out about it this morning. I went to purchase tickets and it is sold out. All of a sudden I find myself scrambling to make a way, find a way, skip past the ordinary and get to that show.

I didn’t even know about it yesterday, but suddenly because I can’t have it…it seems all important.

One of my favorite stores is closing it’s doors in my area.

It’s not closing nationally, just in my local area.

I decided to go and see what it still had left.

People were everywhere…scanning racks.

Yes, items were marked down by 50%.

But, I think it was “bigger” than the sale that drove many to that store. It’s the idea that we won’t have it anymore.

It’s been there for years and we come and go, but knowing that we won’t be able to shop there anymore…a longing occurs. We can’t have it and so all of a sudden, we want it more than ever before.

I recently attended a simulcast.

In all honesty, I was torn on attending. I desired a relaxed morning and day to myself. I attended because I felt that I should.

When I arrived the simulcast was having trouble connecting to our location. There were internet issues and computer issues and “all of a sudden” it became ever so important to me that I hear this simulcast.

Something that I hadn’t really strongly desired now became all desirable because I couldn’t have it.


It makes me wonder.

I wonder if Jesus was not available if people would long for Him more.

He is available today.

Anytime, anyplace.

He created in us a longing. The only person that can truly fill that void/longing is Him. We try to fill it with other things and other people.

We desire to be fulfilled.

I have found that things might feel fulfilling for a time.

But in the end they loose their luster.

My grandchildren are perfect examples of this.

They see the new shiny toy and dream of ways to get it.

Can I earn more stickers on my chart so that I can buy this new wonderfully improved toy? Will grandma just buy it for me?

I know if I just have this toy, I will be happy. Ever so happy.


That’s me too.

If I just have this antique.

If I just repaint this room.

If I just plant this new bush and it’s lovely flowers.


And they all are pleasing for a time.

And…then that “time” wears off and I’m on the hunt for the next new fulfillment.


God has made a way to fill that longing in us.

He selflessly sent His own Son to earth to live the sinless life that you and I cannot live on our own. He did it for us.

He then took our place in death and suffered for us.

He now sits at the right hand of God, His Father and is available to any and all who will call upon Him.

He can fulfill.

He will fulfill.


Proverbs 13:12

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”


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