“Getting There”



He can play ball now. His 6-month-old hands clap in an excited rhythm when the ball reaches his little lap. He grabs that ball and chews on it as best he can. I snatch it away and he begins to anticipate the excitement all over again.

He squeals with delight.

Sometimes all I have to do is walk into the room and he begins squealing. His eyes meet mine and he’s doing his best to communicate.


My husband wishes I would squeal with delight when he walks into the room.

We’ve been married almost 35 years now.

It’s funny because we find ourselves in a peculiar time of life.

The early days of dating and being newly married were wonderful. They were filled with bike rides, late night swims in the lake, apple picking, tennis matches, and so much more. We then went into the years of raising our children. We enjoyed those years. We were partners. We worked together and prayed together and enjoyed each phase of parenthood to it’s fullest.

We find ourselves now sometimes looking at each other and wondering how much we have in common anymore.

I love word games and he hates them.

He loves trivia games and I loathe them.

He loves the hot summer sun, while I like the shade of an umbrella.

I love an evening swim. He prefers the midafternoon sun kind of swim.

I love yard work and gardening.

He loves analyzing and computers.

He’s begun to ask me most nights to just come and sit and talk with him.

He doesn’t necessarily have a topic to talk about. He is just trying to connect. I admit that some nights I do not have the best attitude.

On those nights, he usually tells me to “relax” and to trust that we will “get there”.

He’s right.

We do. It takes time and it takes effort, but we do get there.

We’ve also rediscovered things we enjoy doing together.


I say all of this to relate it to our personal time and devotional times with the Lord. It can feel odd at the beginning. We can try to read the Bible and pray, but we know we haven’t yet connected in the way we were hoping too.

To that…I say “relax”.

Keep seeking, keep searching…and you will “get there.”

A relationship earth bound or heaven bound takes time and commitment.


Anne Lindberg once wrote:

“It is not restful, it is not possible to talk wholeheartedly to more than one person at a time. You can’t really talk with a person unless you surrender to them, for the moment (all other talk is futile). You can’t surrender to more than one person a moment.”


I love the part about surrendering.

I find it true.

Whether it’s my husband, daughter, son, or Lord…I need to fully surrender my time and mind and emotion to them when I desire to communicate wholeheartedly.


Be encouraged today because though you and I can be weak and distracted, there is One who also desires this personal relationship.

When we seek…We will find.


Jeremiah 29:13

“You will seek me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.”



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