I wish my neighborhood had more lights.

I love the neighborhoods that I often drive past and see house after house lit up.

Trees have lights.

Bushes have lights.

Candles are in the windows.

They are so beautiful in my eyes and they stand out even more so when it snows!

My neighborhood…

Well, there are probably three of us that decorate for Christmas.

It’s pretty bland driving down our street until you hit our house and then you see those lights as you round the bend.

I love coming home to my house decorated and glimmering in light.


I’m realizing that it’s okay if my neighbors don’t “light” up their home or front lawn with lights.

There are other ways to see light.

I see light in the look of wonder in my granddaughter’s eye as she witnessed one of her first snowfalls.

I see light when a total stranger buys a toy doll and donates it to toys for tots.

I see light when donations after donations are made to help victims in dire circumstances.

I see light when a driver actually smiles my way.

I hear and see light when I zoom in on the words of several Christmas carols being played in malls and offices throughout our country.


Maybe you find yourself on a darkened road or path.

You wish others around you would shed more light.

It’s okay.

God is with us and He alone is Light.

I hope to open my eyes to the “light” around me this season.

May God shine brightly, beginning with me and may He give us each eyes to see the loving, caring, and compassionate people around us.


Genesis 1:4

“And God saw that the light was good.

Then He separated the light from the darkness.”


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