Now We’re Gettin’ Somewhere



Love Lego’s

I loved building them with my boys and now I’m building them with my grandsons.

The thing is…

To me the “building part” is also the “playing part”.

I mean…here we are sitting side by side…following directions…building something together…talking…

Doesn’t this count as playing?

Ask my 4 year old grandson and he would tell you “no”.

As we were building a lego city two story bank the other day…every once in a while he’d say “now we’re getting’ somewhere” or “okay, the fun part is almost here”.


In his little mind, the fun happens when we play.

I’m sorry, but I’m just not good at playing bad guys or super hero’s.


But I don’t know what I’m doing!

To me…this is the fun part…the building part.

I like working side by side together.


I wonder how many times in my life God feels that way.

He’s thinking isn’t this nice…side by side…walking through life…He desires to show me things along the way and just spend time with me.

Am I always looking for the “good part”?

The big production? The big “ta-da”?

Do I miss the simple things along the way and the sweet moments because I’m not IN the moment?


We did finish our lego city bank that day. We even went on to build a police car together. I made my “bad guy” noises that I was supposed to make.

It all worked out for the good.

But my favorite part…it was the building part.

We did it together, step by step, brick by lego brick.

Psalm 118:23

“This is the Lord’s doing, and it is wonderful to see”


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