Goal Accomplished


I drove the 2 ½ hours to have a play date with my granddaughter this week.

As I was in the car and driving, I began to just think and silently pray.

I found myself telling God that I had one goal, just one, today.

It was to enjoy my granddaughter.

Most days have a ton of goals.  They can range from doing the laundry or yard work to running errands, leading women’s Bible study or making a nice meal. 

This particular day had a goal of relationship.

She is only 1 ½ years old, but we are forming our relationship. 

As I pulled into her driveway, I found her looking out the window.  I smiled and ran to the window to see her.  I held up the new “Tigger” I had purchased and brought with me. 

I went inside and whisked her up into my arms to give her a big hug and kiss.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve seen her two days or two weeks ago…I love being with her.

We played with her kitchen.  We pretended to cook and feed her stuffed animals.

We sang some songs and read stories.  We played with her dollhouse and train set.

We ran in circles in her basement playing chase (at least it was supposed to be chase).

We had both lunch and dinner together and got to cuddle and rock before naptime. 

I met my goal that day.  We made moments together that I will forever cherish.

She matters to me.  I desire a relationship with her and I will pursue her and our relationship throughout her life.

When I look at God as parent and Heavenly Father, I see the way He pursues me.

He too desires relationship.  He wants to be there every step of the way with me.  He wants to smile and enjoy me.  He wants to soak in our moments together.

I love to see God as pursuer.  He never gives up.  He has a goal and that is to love me (and you) and pursue us.  There is nothing we can do, will do, or have ever done that will be too much for Him.  We matter to Him. 

May our eyes be more in tune to seeing the way He is pursuing us today.

May we welcome His presence into our day to day.

May we both smile at the end of the day and say “goal accomplished”.

Proverbs 21:21

“Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.”




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