Pas de Deux


A dance for two.

My daughter instilled in me the love of the ballet.

Pas de Deux is one of my absolute favorites.

She, the ballerina is exquisite. She leaps and twirls and floats through the sky.

She is as light as a feather and perfectly beautiful.

Her arms stretch and reach and our minds reach new dimensions of imagination.

She is perfect in beauty and her legs appear strong and graceful.

There is nothing she cannot do.

But underneath her beauty and skill

We find HIM.

Her partner.

He is strong and He is steady.

He lifts her up and keeps her steady and turns her so she appears to be floating in the sky. He lifts her up so the audience can see the beauty that he desires them to see.

His strong arms catch her in mid-air and she knows he is trustworthy.

They fix eyes on each other and know the next steps that they desire to take together and he is willing to allow her to shine.

They have rehearsed and they know each other and can read each other’s looks.

There is no need for words.

As the dance finishes, they both come forward at the end for a bow.

They are applauded, but it is she that the audience adores.


I see Jesus in this.

He is steady. He is strong. He is trustworthy.

He knows the plans He has for me.

He takes delight in allowing me to shine and appear breathtakingly beautiful in ways that I would and could never be without Him.

None of this would be possible without HIM!

It is He that makes it all possible and therefore it is HE that deserves all glory, and honor, praise, and applause.

He is my sustenance. He is my Rock.

It is HE who catches me every single time.

People may desire to applaud our skills,

But it is He who is all deserving.

One day, at the final curtain, He will be in the spotlight.

He will be worshipped and receive praise from every single tribe and every single tongue.



Romans 14:11

“It is written: As surely as I live; says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.”





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