Better One Day in His Courts


She loves to be in my presence.

When she had all 4 legs, you would find her in whatever room of the house I was in. If I was in the basement…she was too.

If I was in the kitchen cooking, you can bet she was there and hoping for a taste of this and a taste of that.

If I was making a bed…she was there.  (and yes, often making it more difficult to make the bed)!

We had a routine of being together.

She is more limited now, my dog, with only three legs.

She does better on carpet than she does on hardwood flooring or tiles.

She can’t do steps anymore so that eliminates both upstairs and downstairs chores.


I still find her trying so hard to be around me.

If I am in the study and paying bills…she walks in slowly, gives a stretch, and lies down near me.

If I am reading a book or looking at a magazine, she is at my feet.

We both love when it’s yard work time…we enjoy being together side by side.

I miss our old routines and I’m pretty sure she does too.


She never gets mad at me.

I can go away for 2-3 days to visit and play with my grandchildren and when I get home she is not pouting or complaining.

She doesn’t try to punish me for having left for a few days.

She is wagging her tail and doing her best to get to me for a sweet reunion.  She pounces at the edge of the carpeted area waiting for me to get to her.  I greet her and she greets me.  She is ever so happy to have me near again.

Dogs have a great sense of smell, so I know she knows who I’ve been spending the last few days with!


She loves me.

She doesn’t love me for what she can get from me.

She just likes being in my presence.

Sure, I give her treats now and then.

I give her food and water, but during most of the day she is just nearby…

Enjoying my presence.


Honestly, I don’t enjoy my presence as much as she enjoys my presence!

But she does make me think.

Do I enjoy the presence of Almighty God?

Do I desire relationship with Him because of what I can get or what He can do for me?


Do I just desire time in His presence?

In Him I find peace, love, kindness, mercy, and so much more.

It’s who He is.

The more time I’m in His Word and the more time I spend at His feet,

The more in love with Him I become.

He is trustworthy.

He is love.

He is God.

My mind cannot understand everything I desire to understand about Him,

But I know I’d rather one day in His courts

Than a thousand elsewhere!


Psalm 84:10a

“Better is one day in His courts

than a thousand elsewhere.”



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