The Noise


My middle grandson has truly proven he can fall asleep absolutely anywhere!

He’s two and he’s always been able to just plop himself down on a couch, on the floor, in someone’s arms at home, at the beach, in the grocery cart and sleep, sleep, sleep.

Last weekend, he took it to a whole new level!


It was the Monster Truck Show!

My husband, his daddy, and my son joined the two “older boys” and attended the local show. The monster trucks racing and doing stunts all takes place on the inside of an indoor arena.

The noise level is deafening.

We knew enough to send the little ears some protection, but even that was not enough. My husband said the noise was so loud that it hurt!

Thankfully, there are booths that sell extra earplugs for novices like us.


The crowds are cheering, the trucks are blaring, the voices of the food venders truly cannot be heard because of the deafening noises they compete with.

Our little fella was sitting in his grandpa’s lap and slowly my husband could feel his little body swaying and going limp. He looked at him and sure enough his little eyes had closed and my husband just leaned him back in his arms and held his hand over his little ear to protect it while he slept.

He slept through most of the first half of the show and woke up at intermission!


How I envy him!!!

At my age, I struggle with sleep. My mind is going a mile a minute as I try to wind down to sleep. If I do lay down and sleep, I usually wake up in the middle of the night and need to get up and read to just be able to lull myself back to sleep.


The noise brings it to a whole new level.

Oh, how we need to be able to block out the noise!


“You’re not enough”

“You are not loved”

“You are a failure”

“You are a fraud”


That’s what it is…noise!

I love so many people that believe the lies.

They struggle through life trying to prove themselves worthy.

Trying to show the world that they are not a failure.

Trying to show the world that they have it all together.

They live in bondage to their past and fear rejection.

They believe they need the almighty approval of men.

In believing the lies and the noise,

They set themselves up for failure.


I don’t claim in anyway to have it all together,

But my prayer for them, for me, and for you

Is that we allow God and His life giving Word

To block out the noise…the lies…

And set us free.



May we be able to walk in such peace that we too can rest peacefully amongst life’s greatest noise!

Jeremiah 46:17

“There they will exclaim, Pharaoh King of Egypt is only a loud noise”!





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