Walking With Confidence


I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I love watching little children walk.

Some walk with a strut and authority.

Some walk a little wobbly and end up on the ground more often than not.

Some use what we might call “Frankenstein arms” as they have those arms out in front for protection of the up and coming fall.

I love when little legs just can’t help themselves and they start to run.

The run goes faster and faster, each step seems to be a little more out of control.

Watching little ones walk might make us wince now and then, mostly because they are not even paying attention to where those little legs are taking them!


Recently I watched my grandson transform his walk in front of me.

For most of the day he walked and ran like he normally does.

When he saw the Buzz Light Year costume that I had just purchased, everything changed. He changed on the outside, yes, as he put on the entire costume from head to toe. But, he changed on the inside too.

All of a sudden his little hands went to his hips.

His elbows were out.

His chest was a little more puffed out.

He held his head high and suddenly walked with

Downright authority!

He had BECOME Buss Light Year!

Complete strangers commented on his costume and there wasn’t a shy bone in his body.

He was Buzz!


I’m reminded that we can choose to walk hand in hand with Jesus.

We can have Him with us on any occasion and at anytime and every time if we desire.

That should put some confidence in our step!

By faith, know that He can be with you.


To quote Ruth Graham

“Stop studying the problems and start studying The Promises”


He is in our midst.



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