“Trust Me”


“Trust Me”.  These were my words this morning with my oldest grandson.

He and I and his brother were on a bike ride  to get a smoothie.  He has a PJ Masks bike with training wheels.   (VERY cool)

I had one hand pushing his brother on his little tricycle and one hand at the ready for him as he both pedaled up hills and then coasted down hills.

He’s doing a great job these days on his bike.  His little legs pumped extra hard up the steeper hills and when I noticed his legs slowing down a bit or weakening in any way, I’d simply put my hand beneath his back seat and help to push him up the hill.

It was the “downhills” that had him worried.  A hill looks so big from the top.  “Trust Me”.  I said this a few times and he did (mostly).

I knew that I had my right arm free for him.  It is my dominant arm.  I have the most control and strength with this arm.  I knew that we could do this together.  If he would just listen to my instructions, we would be fine.  I had his back.

I told him to gently push on his brakes.  I had my hand on his bike seat the whole time.  I wasn’t going to let him go at any time.  I, too, wanted this to be a good experience.

“Don’t push too hard on your brakes.  Just keep them gently pushed upon.”

“Trust Me”.    Little by little we descended those hills.  I had my eyes riveted and knew the  dips in the cement that I wanted him to avoid.  I saw the turns ahead and knew how I planned to coax him in the turn…not too sharp…as that would cause a sure tipping over moment.

As we enjoyed our “bike” and smoothie time, I heard another voice in my head.

“Trust Me”.

Yes, you see, my husband lost his job back in early April.  His company did some realigning and his area was let go.

For the most part, he and I are doing fine.  He’s been in the business for over 30 years now and has a lot of contacts.  He’s been on top of his job search each and every day.

We’ve been able to enjoy extra time together and trips to see the grandchildren together. We’ve celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary during this time.

We trust in God.  We have a faith in Who God Is and What God Can do.

We’ve walked life in a relationship with God each and every day of our marriage.

“Trust Me”.

See…It’s been 3 months now.   He’s had lots of interviews.   Companies have interviewed him over and over and over again.  Is the job coming Lord?

When?   What company Lord?  Will the pay be good?  Will it allow us to maintain the lifestyle that we’ve become used to?  How much longer Lord?

“Trust Me”

I’m now the little kid on the bike of life with training wheels on.

He is the parent (grandparent in my case)…He’s got his hand on the back of my bike.

He sees the bumps ahead that he desires me to avoid.  He sees the sharp turns in the road and He desires to show me how to navigate them.

He loves me.  He loves my husband.

He isn’t about to take His hand off of our bike seat!  He’s got us, yes He does.

Sometimes it’s just nice to hear His words as I did today.

“Trust Me”.

Okay Lord.  I do.  I will.  Your arms are strong (both of them).  You’ve got me, I know you do.


Job 40:9

“Do you have an arm like God’s, and can your voice thunder like His?”

Psalm 77:15

“With your mighty arm you redeemed your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph.”

Song of Songs 2:6

“His left arm is under my head, and His right arm embraces me”.

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