One on One


One on One


It was grandparent’s day last week at my grandson’s gymnastics school.    I was excited to be invited.  All 3 boys take gymnastics.  My daughter and I rotated as we interacted and observed all 3 boys engaging in their classes.

My oldest grandson was, of course, in the most structured class.

His coach, though now older, was once a fine gymnast.  He spoke with what I thought was a Russian accent.  The classes were small in size in order to give the best instruction.  I watched as the coach made his way from boy to boy.

He’d tap their legs to remind them to straighten those legs in their handstands. He’d brush his hands near their feet to remind them to point and extend their toes when needed.   He’d take turns helping each boy wrap himself round and round and round the uneven bars and then help them in their dismount.

My oldest grandson was often looking my way.  Without any words, his eyes were asking me…”Did you see that?”   “What do you think?”  “Are you proud of me?”

Once in a while when he’d finished a task he would give me a double thumbs up from across the room.

I loved watching his class, but there were other boys the coach needed to attend to as well.  During the coach’s rotations with the other 5 boys in the class is when I would roam about and watch his two little brother in their class.

As I sat down the next morning and read “He guides me in the paths of righteousness” (Psalm 23:3), I pondered at just how personal God is.

He guides me.  I don’t have to wait in line.  I don’t have to wait until God is finished with his rotation of the other billions of people in this world.

He greets me each and every morning.  He has a path and purpose He desires for me.  He is patient and kind, gently reminding me to “keep my legs straight” or “point my toes” (you know what I mean).  He leads me in His path for me.

He is the shepherd and each and every sheep matters to Him.

He creates a path for each of us.  A path is a way beaten, formed, or trodden by the feet.  He has walked this path before.  He knows it well and He desires to share it with me.

Don’t wait in line today.

Ask the Shepherd to Lead YOU in His path of righteousness.

He’s got the perfect path fitted just for you!

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