I chose what looked to be “the fast lane” today at the grocery store. You know where I’m going with this…it was NOT the fast lane.

Ahead of me in line was an elderly woman. She had a check in her hand written to the grocery store in the amount of $57.00. The problem – the grocery store would not take her check because she didn’t have a shopper’s card with them. She seemed confused. He hand was shaking. I’m not sure if she has or ever had a debit card. I don’t know if she had any cash on her, but I began to pray and ask if there was something I could or should do. After a bit, I stepped up and told her that we are moving into celebrate Easter. I told her I was a believer and that Jesus loved her and I would pay for her groceries. It actually took her a bit to understand what I was doing. Once she realized that I had paid for her groceries, she paused and said “oh, but I don’t deserve this”…”are you rich?”. My response was (no, I’m not rich)…that’s the point. None of us deserved Jesus loving us and dying in our place and conquering hell that we might have eternal life with Him. He died in our place. He took our punishment. We don’t deserve this and never will, but because of His love for us, He chose to do this for us.

As for being rich, no I’m not rich…but in Jesus I am. I have everything and more because of Him.

The clerk thought this was very nice. I’m glad.

The lady…ugh…after pushing her cart about 3 feet turned around and said to me “I hope that big bunny is extra good to you”.


I wanted to shout….there is no bunny lady!

But you know what…that’s also the point…underserving, undeserving, undeserving…millions will celebrate nothing more than a bunny.

God forgive us…and open our eyes and ears and hearts.

Thank you for your great love even while we are yet sinners.


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