Back to School

I loved this time as a child.  I loved the preparation of what “back to school” meant.  My mom would take us to JC Penney’s where we would choose some new outfits for the new school year.  We would purchase new shoes and new dresses as little girls.  We’d then be allowed to buy new crayons and new pencils and new, new, new, new!  

 As we got older we moved on to the “mall” shopping and I loved picking out new jeans, new shoes, new shirts, new purse, and all things new for the new school year just waiting to be experienced.   

My oldest grandson is about to enter kindergarten this September.  I had the wonderful one on one experience of taking him “back to school” shopping. For him it wasn’t so much “back” to school as he’s never been before.

We both were looking forward to our time together.

We started at Old Navy.  I told him to “show me his style”.  He went straight to all the cool super hero shirts.  We bought Spiderman, Batman, The Flash and more.  

He even insisted that he would need this Spiderman baseball cap (which he looked adorable in)!

I picked out a few pair of jeans for him to try on and a pair of nice shorts and then walked into the dressing room together.

It was in this dressing room that the transformation happened. Up until now he was excited to have me all to himself.  He was excited that he was now old enough to go to school.  He was excited that when all of this “school shopping thing” was over we had planned to go to Barnes ‘n Noble for a cookie and a smoothie.  He was excited and insisted that I had previously told him that he would be allowed to pick out a toy!  That was most likely his ultimate goal in this whole trip!

To be honest, I didn’t remember saying anything about a toy!  But this is my grandson and if he says I said that…well then…we will end our trip with a toy.

His version of “back to school shopping” and mine differed a bit.

He planned on one stop shopping and then his ultimate goal of “the new toy”.

I planned on visiting 3 stores of little boy clothing and trying them All on!

As we stood in the dressing room at Old Navy and he tried on one super hero shirt after another, he began to be transformed.  He loved the image he saw in the mirror. His smile beamed from ear to ear, all the while sporting that Spiderman baseball cap.

Prior to this, he would have been perfectly happy to just pick out his purchases and go straight to the counter and pay.  It was in the putting on of each article of clothing that he beamed. He glowed!

I think a lot of people are content just acknowledging that God is God.  He’s up there somewhere and they know about Him and they believe He is true.

They never take the time to “try Him on”.  They are more focused on the new “toy” in their lives. To try Him on would take time.

But for those who not only believe, but by faith and through prayer truly receive Jesus as Lord…they try Him on.  They seek Him.   They read His Word daily.  They “put Him on” and when they look in the mirror they are amazed!  They glow!

They can’t believe that transformation.   It takes time, but God desires to enter into that dressing room with us.  He desires for us to ask for Him to be stronger and us to be less in our lives. He desires to dress us in love and peace and kindness and goodness and patience and gentleness and joy.  

Imagine what this world would look like if we each entered that dressing room to “put on Jesus”.

I have been entering that dressing room daily now for 38 years. I start my morning with a cup of coffee and God’s Word. In these 38 years, as I seek Him and let Him transform me…I have found I often get the “new toy” too. He blesses me daily and so often gives me the desires of my heart.

Why?  Because He loves me.  He loves you too.  Try Him on!

Colossians 3:10

“and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.

Colossians 3:12

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

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