Hide & Seek

“Grandma, can we play peek-a-boo”?   Hmmmm

This was my four-year-old grandson asking to play “peek-a-boo”.  I’m thinking he doesn’t really mean “peek a boo”.  “Do you mean “hide and seek”?   YES!

We were on a hike and we found a great clearing with plenty of room to both walk and hide.  I told my grandsons to close their eyes and count to 10.  I hid standing behind a large tree.  They didn’t know, but I had my eyes on them the whole time.  Their blue matching jackets were pretty easy to spot in the fall woods.  

“Ready or not, here we come”!   I could hear their little boots seeking me out in the woods. Miraculously, or not so miraculously, they found me right away. 

I decided to switch places with them.  I would hide my eyes and count.

Now, I have played hide and seek in the woods many times with their parents when they were young.   I quickly (too quickly) defined our parameters and then began my count as they ran to hide.

They are young and as I counted I kept my eye on them and their “secret” hiding place.  When the blue jackets were safely hidden, I yelled “Ready or Not…Here I come”.

I had their 2-year-old brother with me.  As we held hands and sought out to find them, I purposely went in the opposite direction of where they were.  I began asking in my “LOUD enough voice”, making sure that they could hear how beautifully they had hidden from me.  “Do you think they are here Titus?”….   Hmmmm……maybe over there???”

As I turned us toward where they HAD BEEN hidden, I realized they had moved on!

Talk about panic!   Where did they go?!    These woods are massive!   Oh my goodness…I began yelling their names….running with the 2-year-old now in my arms…panic, panic, panic!  Prayer, prayer, prayer.

They were about 20 feet from their original spot.  I spotted them lying in the dirt and dust beside an old fallen log.   I ran over, “found them”,  and asked them to please come to me.  

They were innocent enough, but I needed to explain that these woods were very big and I surely did not want to lose them!    It was my fault for not defining our perimeters a whole lot more carefully!!!!

We, (mostly I) decided to end our hike.  We found our way out of the woods and had a picnic lunch instead.

Jeremiah 23:23-24 reads:

“Am I only a God nearby, declares the Lord, and not a God far away?  Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?” declares the Lord.  “Do I not fill heaven and earth?” declares the Lord.

Now I remember a family friend from when I was a little girl. I’ll be honest, I didn’t care for her much.  She always had this “little bird” (so she said).  This “little bird” had eyes everywhere.  He knew all and saw all and according to her, he would tell her what REALLY happened.   I hated that Bird!   The bird I never saw, but seemed to hear about him a lot!

In contrast with that “little bird”, I am comforted by the true fact that there is nowhere that I can hide from God.  He really does see me.  He gets me.  He gets you.  He doesn’t try to find me and then panic because he’s lost me.

He sees all and knows all.

He promises to be with me.

There is no mountain too high or valley too deep that will stop Him.

Here’s another truth..

I might “think or feel” like God isn’t nearby, but He is.

I didn’t think my grandsons were nearby.  They were.  My thoughts and feelings did not determine or affect this fact.  They were close by even though it felt like they weren’t.

We can hide or rather try to hide from God, but this is an impossibility.

Back to our hiking adventure..

It was during this last hiding session that one of my grandson’s got something in his eye.  My guess it was dirt!   He had been lying on the ground next to a fallen tree.  Who knows the myriad of things that could have irritated his eye!

How often do we try to hide something from God.

How often do we eventually give up our hiding spot and realize we’ve hurt ourselves in the process?

I enjoy playing hide and seek with my grandchildren, well MOST of the time.

I don’t enjoy playing Hide & Seek with God.  I need Him.  I’m thankful He knows exactly where I am and what I am facing.

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