Bitten by the Pandemic

Like many in this country, I sat in my home (in my pajamas) and went to two church services yesterday.  I attended a live stream service of my daughter’s church and a you-tube message from my own pastor.

Sad to say, but that was about it for my “accomplishments” yesterday.

This pandemic affects everyone, but I’m marveling at the difference in how each person handles it.  Our social butterflies are constantly calling or face timing friends & family.  Our introverts are cozied up reading books. Some families love this homeschooling thing and others are tearing their hair out!  

I’m a doer.  I’m always on the go.  I realize this about myself now more than ever.  I’m a planner.  I’ve always got a list and a plan for the day.  This “stay at home” order in NJ has me at home and even though I can think of projects in my home to do, things that need done, I’m finding my motivation to do them is low, very low.  I seem to be able to get a whole lot more done when I’m busy and running somewhere everyday.  I’m guessing I work better under a time crunch.  I never really knew this about myself.

Each evening so far, I go to bed telling myself that tomorrow I will begin this or that project and then tomorrow comes and I don’t.

This is one way I’ve been bitten by this pandemic.

My pastor’s message yesterday came from the book of Numbers.  I keep going back to one section that really stood out to me.

In Numbers 21:4-9 we see God’s people becoming once again very impatient and complaining about the very provisions that God has blessed them with for years.

God sent venomous snakes and as many people were bit, they died.  As the people became scared, they confessed their sin, and God spoke to Moses and told him to make a snake of bronze and put it on a pole.  He told Moses to tell the people that “anyone who is bitten can look at it and live.”    Verse 9 “Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, they lived.”


Snakes. I’m not a fan.  If I were surrounded by them, I wonder if my eyes could look up!  I’d have trouble not looking down and trying to control my every step.  Would I miss the opportunity of being saved because I just could not look up?

How long did it take Moses to create this snake of bronze and get it attached to a pole?

I’m afraid my eyes might also have been on Moses! Hurry up! What is taking you so long? Get the thing built. Put it up on the pole! Hurry up!!!!!

And so we go back to our pandemic.  People all over the world are facing “the snakes”, the germs, the virus, & the fast paced spread of this wicked virus.

We look to our government and it’s leaders and scream hurry up!  Give us what we need!  Hospitals need more beds!  We need breathing equipment! Save us. Tame this virus!

We look to our medical staff and say “do something”.

I challenge myself today to look up.  Look to the One who heals and brings life, true life.  

Life now & Life Eternal

Instead of looking at the snakes around me…and wallowing in my “I don’t feel like doing anything today” mode…I need to look up.

Jesus, how can I walk through this day, this one day with you?

What are things that I can do today?

What are the many things I can be thankful for today? I don’t want to waste this day in complaints.

How would you like to use me today?  It will certainly be in a different way than I am used to, but Lord…I’m looking up. I’m looking to you.

Guide me Lord

Heal our land Lord

Bring confession, where confession is needed.

Bring many to the truth of who You are Jesus.

Take a look in the New Testament :  John 3:14-15

“Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes may have eternal life in Him.”

When Jesus took His place on the cross and died for all mankind,

He was like the snake that Moses made and put on a pole.  He took on all of the world’s sin.  All of it.  Sin of past, present, and future.

In Moses day, As God’s people looked up…even though they were bit, they lived.

Today, As we, look up, and acknowledge Jesus as the Savior (the one who took our place in punishment for our sins)…as we pray and receive Him into our lives and hearts we too will live.  

I pray you and your families are safe today.

I pray for eyes to be able to look up to our God who loves us and desires for us to know Him both when the land is filled with snakes and when the land is filled with abundance.  

One thought on “Bitten by the Pandemic

  1. Love it Michelle, maybe this is God’s calling for you. You seem to be able to put into word’s a message prevalent to today’s situation. May God inspire you to continue this uplifting messaging. Sending prayers to you and your family to keep well. We are seeing so much illness during this time. It has hit home for us as one of our former church members in NJ has passed with this terrible virus. But Praise to God, he is now with the Lord Jesus.


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