About the Author

I am first, a daughter of the King.
I am blessed to also be a wife and mother to 5 adult children, and yes this includes both my son and daughter in law. I am a grandmother to 5 beautiful little ones.

I once promised myself retirement from the teaching career that I loved when I became a grandmother. I had the beautiful privilege of teaching first through third graders for 23 years. The majority of my teaching years were spent in Christian schools.

I am currently involved in women’s ministry at my local church and I work side by side with my husband helping our church family to connect through monthly groups that meet in the home.
My hobbies include gardening, reading, writing, refurbishing vintage pieces, and of course visiting and playing with my grandchildren!

This devotional/blog is dedicated to my grandchildren now
and future grandchildren that God might see fit to bless me with.

I want to leave a legacy of one who loved her Lord.
I want my grandchildren and future generations to know that this grandma is a grandmother who believes in prayer. I have and will continue to pray for each of my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I desire whole-heartedly that each and every one of you make Jesus Christ your personal Lord and Savior at a very young age. May your testimony be that you’ve walked with your Lord God each and every day of your lives. May He bless you abundantly in what truly matters in life.

I am thankful for each and everyone of you without having even met most of you yet! If I don’t meet you here on earth…
We will meet one day. We will meet in the most glorious place ever. A place where there are no more tears, no more sadness, no more wars, and no more sin. A place where God is face to face and all of life’s questions are answered.
Walk with Jesus
Let Him order your steps
He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life
John 14:6

Psalm 89:1
“…I will make known thy faithfulness to all generations.”